50 Simple Past Sentences Examples, Past Simple Tense Example Sentences

50 Simple Past Sentences Examples, Past Simple Tense Example Sentences

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1.All the boys went away.

2.He went to collect hay.

3.I went back to my seat.

4.Samuel went for a drive.

5.He went to work at dusk.

6.The company went bankrupt.

7.You only went inside once.

8.I went to the theatre too.

9.My sister graduated from school with first place.

10.I passed 6th grade.

11.We won the match and became champions.

12.I told you the computer is broken.

13.I installed the program on the computer.

14.I brushed my teeth in the morning.

15.I took the exam three weeks ago.

16.The teacher introduced a new topic.

17.I went to the party yesterday.

18.I went to the military ten years ago.

19.I got sick last week.

20.We ate pizza last week.

21.I drank beer last week.

22.I broke my leg last week.

23.I was very happy last week.

24.I came from London last week.

25.The three of us shared a chocolate.

26.I went to the theater at 7 o’clock.

27.I went to Italy last year.

28.I started a new job last month.

29.We moved to New York in 2013.

30.Frank started yelling.

31.Alex started shooting.

32.My aunts returned home.

33.I knew you didn’t go to school last week.

34.I spoke to the tourists in English.

35.I went to university outside the city.

36.I got my salary and went to the restaurant.

37.I prepared you a wonderful dinner.

38.We were not prepared for the assault.

39.Steve prepared for his imminent departure.

40.Soup was very tasty.

41.I got 85 points on the history exam.

42.I got a new job and bought a car.

43.I went to bed early yesterday.

44.He picked up the plates and left.

45.I prepared you a wonderful dinner.

46.My mother asked me for help.

47.I was very happy last week.

48.He played games on the computer all day.

49.I saw you in the garden last night.

50.I watched a very funny video on Youtube.

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