40 Simple Past Sentences Examples, Past Simple Tense Example Sentences

40 Simple Past Sentences Examples, Past Simple Tense Example Sentences

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1.Last year I went to London on vacation with my family.

2.Didn’t you get the tickets?

3.I went to Madrid on vacation last year.

4.We got in a fight.

5.You got one right.

6.My father bought a new house.

7.You were not at work last Monday.

8.Frank started banging on the door.

9.He started crawling at 1 year old.

10.The contest started 10 minutes ago.

11.I learned that not everything on the internet is true.

12.I said don’t bother here.

13.They hosted us very well.

14.They left without saying goodbye to us.

15.Did you have dinner yesterday?

16.Frank made me a box yesterday.

17.She went to the park yesterday.

18.They came to help us yesterday.

19.The weather was beautiful yesterday.

20.What time did you go to bed yesterday?

21.They spoke quietly.

22.He spoke carelessly.

23.She spoke with a frown.

24.My father spoke impolitely.

25.Pam spoke for the homeless.

26.Alex and Samual spoke briefly.

27.No one spoke up in his defense.

28.I spoke to the principal himself.

29.To put a spoke in somebody’s wheel.

30.I spoke to the tourists in English.

31.She spoke on behalf of the good plan.

32.We played basketball last Sunday.

33.Didn’t he tell you the other day?

34.Steve listened to the announcement.

35.Mary went abroad.

36.The baby went indoors.

37.Jessica went upstairs.

38.All the boys went away.

39.He went to collect hay.

40.I went back to my seat.

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