Modal Verbs Will Sentences, 100 Examples of Will Sentences

Modal Verbs Will Sentences, 100 Examples of Will Sentences

1.I will have been living in Istanbul for two years.

2.At five o’clock, the baby will have been crying for one hour.

3.How long will you have been dating on April 12th?

4.Will we have been working in the company for two years?

5.He will not have been waiting.

6.Will they have been waiting for three hours when we come back?

7.Will have you been working in this company for five years by the end of this year?

8.Will I have been learning French for ten years when I finish this school?

9.They will not have been reading.

10.By the end of this week, will I have been living with his for five months?

11.He will not have been reading a newspaper tomorrow.

12.I will not have been going to America for a holiday next week.

13.By the end of this year, I will not have been working for the company for three years.

14.He will have been sleeping all morning.

15.By the end of the year, we will not living in Australia for four years.

16.You will not have been playing computer games all day long.

17.I will stay at home at the weekend.

18.He will call me tomorrow.

19.We will play basketball.

20.Mark will fix my car.

21.He will not drink tea.

22.Will it hurt?

23.I will make a tea.

24.They will win the game.

25.She won’t watch the football match.

26.You won’t be fired.

27.They will go to the school.

28.It will stay in the outside.

29.I will ask him about it tomorrow.

30.I don’t think Alex will hurt Jessica.

31.I will have been working when you will come here for dinner tomorrow.

32.She will have been studying when you will be in the exam.

33.I will not have been shopping in Wednesday, you can come to see me.

34.He will not have been living there for a month, it is temporary.

35.She will not have been seeing her, because she is angry.

36.Just now he will have been listening to everything.

37.He will have been studying English tomorrow.

38.By midnight they will have been studying for exams for ten hours.

39.Chris dropped his wallet, I will get it and give it to him.

40.Will you come with me on a city tour of Paris tomorrow?

41.Will Jane be able to get to the party in time?

42.Which country will you go to for a summer vacation this year?

43.Will you come to school tomorrow?

44.The weather will be warmer next week.

45.The sun will rise at 7.

46.He will always support her.

47.Don’t wait, it won’t come.

48.Markets will be closed tomorrow.

49.I will read the book when I go to bed.

50.They will be here in an hour.

51.What will you drink at breakfast?

52.Time will tell.

53.I will ask a question.

54.Will you come to us?

55.I will miss you so much.

56.I will come with you.

57.When I finish this school, I will have been learning French for ten years.

58.By the end of this month, I will have been studying for the school for five years.

59.By 14, they will have been playing football for 3 hours.

60.By the time my mother comes home at 3, we will have been playing computer games for two hours.

61.By next year, they will have been going to England for five years.

62.Will you help them?

63.I will be in the bar drinking beer.

64.I will not do this job.

65.Don’t worry! We won’t leave you alone when you arrive here.

66.I will clean the house tomorrow.

67.The cat won’t eat cat food.

68.I will not go out this evening.

69.I hope she will join the course.

70.Robots will cure the patients.

71.You dropped your purse. I will get it.

72.Will you help me?

73.We will wash my dad’s car tomorrow.

74.He will come to school late tomorrow.

75.The teacher will give a lot of homework tomorrow.

76.Will you come to school tomorrow?

77.They will buy a new car.

78.We won’t be able to eat all this.

79.I will pass the exam.

80.Tell Tom that I will call him back.

81.That won’t be any problem at all.

82.The chances are that he will win.

83.I will come here.

84.I will see him when he come.

85.It will rain, I can understand it from the dark clouds.

86.She will tell you something.

87.I will not see you if I will not come.

88.She won’t write to you.

89.You will not be there if you do not remember that you should be.

90.How about you, won’t you tell me?

91.You will win the exam.

92.I will see you later.

93.She will help him tomorrow.

94.He will be there soon.

95.He will not call us.

96.I will not stay this hotel.

97.Your mother will love you forever.

98.Will you wait for me?

99.Will she do it again?

100.We will see better days.

101.I will tell you this one more time.

102.I’m sure Alex will like the movie.

103.It won’t be our problem, will it?

104.It won’t do any good to complain.

105.Maybe it won’t make a difference.

106.Maybe one day, I will go to Boston.

107.Peace talks will begin next week.

108.She will leave the hospital soon.

109.Since it’s important, I will do it.

110.Tell me what you think will happen.

111.The country air will do you good.

112.The pain will eventually go away.

113.George won’t be helping us tomorrow.

114.There won’t be any more problems.

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