Modal Verbs Must Sentences, 100 Examples of Must Sentences

Modal Verbs Must Sentences, 100 Examples of Must Sentences

1.We must fasten our seatbelts.

2.I must’ve lost some weight.

3.You must stop playing computer games.

4.You must be mistaken.

5.Alex must’ve put up a fight.

6.You must come early to the class.

7.She must learn to drive. It will be very useful.

8.You must come to classroom on time.

9.Banks must examine all documents.

10.An unpleasant fact that one must accept.

11.We must be leaving tomorrow.

12.You must’ve seen something.

13.You must not come in.

14.It must be there.

15.I must study tomorrow.

16.She must not disturb me.

17.We must clean our classroom.

18.Must you make that noise?

19.He must be over fifty.

20.The roads are wet, İt must have rained last night.

21.I must get some sleep.

22.He must be on his way.

23.He must have taken the computer.

24.My father must have bought the car.

25.She must be watching TV.

26.Alex must be riding a bike.

27.The car must be driving.

28.He must be drinking tea.

29.The students must study English at least eleven hours a week.

30.You must apply for that job.

31.You must pay your taxes.

32.It must’ve been someone else.

33.We must sit down.

34.You must take some time off and get some rest.

35.Samuel must have had an accident.

36.You have sore throat. You must not drink cold water.

37.They must hunger in winter that will not work in summer.

38.You must return.

39.In order to play the game, we must have two computers.

40.I must stay here.

41.It is clear what must be done.

42.We must fasten our seatbelts.

43.I must warn them.

44.You must be starving.

45.She must tell the truth to the court.

46.I must spend my money sparingly.

47.Alex must get up early.

48.It’s fantastic film. You must see it.

49.I must’ve misplaced it.

50.There must be a chance.

51.We all know how you must feel.

52.She speaks German fluently, She must have studied in Germany.

53.You mustn’t touch the pictures.

54.We must be leaving now.

55.You must eat something.

56.You must have been practicing.

57.We must help each other.

58.In case the traffic is congested on the road, you must go to work early.

59.I must go home.

60.You must eat your food.

61.Samuel must be reading a book.

62.Jessica must be wearing make up.

63.Frank must be studying.

64.I must be losing my mind.

65.We must definitely continue our work here.

66.We must have been crazy!

67.You must stop here.

68.We must prefer renewable energy.

69.You must wear a seatbelt when you drive.

70.You must answer at least one question.

71.She looks sick. She must go home.

72.I must do some work.

73.After they pass the town, they must turn to the left.

74.I must return the book now.

75.She must be an English.

76.He mustn’t be late for the meeting.

77.I must be careful not to upset her.

78.They must leave immediately.

79.You must do the exercises, they are obligatory.

80.You must try hard for the match.

81.I must study next week.

82.That must be Samuel.

83.I must do this right now!

84.That must be awful.

85.It must be true.

86.You must drive carefully.

87.I must go.

88.I must call my mother tomorrow.

89.I must say I’m flattered.

90.They must follow the rules.

91.I must go to bed earlier.

92.They must study English.

93.That must have been awful.

94.You must study hard, TOEFL is a hard exam.

95.Either today or tomorrow I must work.

96.He must be taking his son to school.

97.He must be watering the garden.

98.My mom must be making a cake.

99.It must be 2 o’clock.

100.It must be snowing.

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