20 Examples Sentences of Will, Modal Will Sentences

20 Examples Sentences of Will, Modal Will Sentences

1.I will have been living in Istanbul for two years.

2.At five o’clock, the baby will have been crying for one hour.

3.How long will you have been dating on April 12th?

4.Will we have been working in the company for two years?

5.He will not have been waiting.

6.Will they have been waiting for three hours when we come back?

7.Will have you been working in this company for five years by the end of this year?

8.Will I have been learning French for ten years when I finish this school?

9.They will not have been reading.

10.By the end of this week, will I have been living with his for five months?

11.He will not have been reading a newspaper tomorrow.

12.I will not have been going to America for a holiday next week.

13.By the end of this year, I will not have been working for the company for three years.

14.He will have been sleeping all morning.

15.By the end of the year, we will not living in Australia for four years.

16.You will not have been playing computer games all day long.

17.I will stay at home at the weekend.

18.He will call me tomorrow.

19.We will play basketball.

20.Mark will fix my car.

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