Their in a Sentence, Sentences of Their in English

Their in a Sentence, Sentences of Their in English

1.They need to look ahead to make a decision for their company.

2.I really need their help.

3.We want to buy their cars.

4.Alex and Samuel didn’t come, we need their computer.

5.I know we have to go to their house.

6.The children are with their grandmother.

7.Samuel and Jimmy want to buy a new car because theirs are so worn out.

8.They haven’t been studying their books for six days.

9.Trees shed their leaves in autumn.

10.They drive their kids to school every day.

11.Children are studying their lessons.

12.Some varieties are grown for their leaves and some for their large nutritious root.

13.All asses wag their ears.

14.Their fruit is better than mine.

15.Their newly bought computers are broken.

16.Children should obey their parents.

17.They turned their backs.

18.I’ve got their phone number.

19.Our father gets along well with theirs.

20.Their garden is full of flowers.

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