Juxtaposition in a Sentence, Sentences of Juxtaposition in English

Juxtaposition in a Sentence, Sentences of Juxtaposition in English

1.Did you just use juxtaposition in a sentence?

2.Creativity is that marvelous capacity to grasp mutually distinct realities and draw a spark from their juxtaposition.

3.There is something perfect to be found in the imperfect: the law keeps balance through the juxtaposition of beauty, which gains perfection through nurtured imperfection.

4.Crosses and gallows – that deadly historic juxtaposition.

5.In business, what’s required for short term profit and what’s required for long term resilience are very often at a juxtaposition.

6.I want to..harness the magic that brings me into the brains of the Living and use it to bring Julie into mine, because it’s warm in here, it’s quiet and lovely, and in here we aren’t an absurd juxtaposition, we are perfect.

7.Noah’s eyes held my face. I swallowed hard. The juxtaposition of him sitting in a room full of people while staring at no one but me was overwhelming. Something shifted inside of me at the intimacy of us, eyes locked amid the scraping of twenty graphite pencils on paper.

8.Tonight, however, all I can think of is the juxtaposition of destiny and free will, and whether it makes no difference what I do, or all the difference in the world.

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