Delicious in a Sentence, Sentences of Delicious in English

Delicious in a Sentence, Sentences of Delicious in English

1.What a delicious taste of this apple.

2.Enjoy this delicious meal.

3.They ate some delicious food.

4.If I had known you were coming I would have prepared a delicious meal.

5.The meal couldn’t have been awful. It was very delicious.

6.We are eating meat now. It is delicious!

7.My mother cooks very delicious meals.

8.Delicious looking food doesn’t necessarily taste good.

9.All the food in this restaurant is delicious.

10.Sushi is a delicious meal in my opinion.

11.This cuisine is more delicious than any cuisine in the Middle East. It is underrated.

12.The food seems very delicious.

13.My wife has cooked a delicious meal.

14.We cooked delicious food for New Year’s celebration.

15.My wife made me a delicious apple cake.

16.I’m having a very delicious meal at home.

17.Thanks for the cookies. They were delicious.

18.They serve delicious food at that restaurant.

19.Thank you for the chocolate. It was delicious.

20.There were many delicious snacks at the party.

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