Am in a Sentence, Sentences of Am in English

Am in a Sentence, Sentences of Am in English

1.I am going on a new vacation next week.

2.Why do you think I am sitting here?

3.I am sleepy. Therefore, I am going to bed.

4.I am doing it in spite of you.

5.I may be old, nevertheless I am not crazy.

6.Run along now, children! I am busy.

7.I am glad I ran into you.

8.I am going to have to run.

9.I am sorry I jumped to conclusions.

10.I am going to go check.

11.I am going to check out at five

12.I am now busy writing a book.

13.I am thinking of writing a book.

14.I am writing a letter to Samuel now.

15.I am sorry but Alex’s a hopeless case.

16.I am still angry because of her.

17.I don’t want to play football because I am too tired.

18.I am sorry I gave you a hard time.

19.I am as tall as my father.

20.I am bringing George along with me.

21.I am not ready to give up just yet.

22.I am afraid that I might be late.

23.It might rain, but I am going anyhow.


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