Present Perfect Continuous Tense Examples, 65 Present Perfect Continuous Tense Sentences

Present Perfect Continuous Tense Examples, 65 Present Perfect Continuous Tense Sentences

1.Children have been playing computer games in the lounge for two hours.

2.He has been working for the same company since 2009.

3.She has been watching TV for six hours.

4.I have been playing paintball since 10th November.

5.They have been going on a course to learn English for a long time.

6.He has been reading a newspaper for two hours.

7.I haven’t been anything with my Money.

8.They haven’t been studying their books for six days.

9.We haven’t been sleeping for two days.

10.She haven’t been coming to Office since 12th july.

11.We haven’t been listening to music for a long time.

12.They haven’t been living here since 2015.

13.The baby hasn’t been crying for three hours.

14.When have you been cooking food?

15.How long have you been seeing his?

16.Who have they been talking to?

17.Has he been playing computer game since Monday?

18.Has Jack living in England since 16th april?

19.Have the kids crying for two days?

20.How long have you been playing chess?

21.You are out of breath. Have you been fighting?

22.I have been travelling to this country for four days.

23.We have been learning English since last winter.

24.The child has been watching TV all afternoon.

25.He has not been walking.

26.The child has not been wearing a hat.

27.I have not been working since morning.

28.Your eyes are wet. Have you been cutting onions?

29.Has they been playing since morning?

30.You look very tired. Have you been working for a long time?

31.I have been working for 3 hours.

32.She has been waiting for you since 3 days ago.

33.They have been saying that no one can exit from this room.

34.She has not been loving you at that time.

35.They have not been going to the concer. We misunderstood them.

36.I have not been talking with you, she was my mom.

37.He has not been yelling at her.

38.Rick has been trying to invent the new machine.

39.Morty has been playing with his ball.

40.Jonathan’s mother has been working all day without any break.

41.Richard and Jenny have been writing a book together until May.

42.It has not been snowing for months here.

43.I have not been reading any book until my graduation.

44.Emily has not been feeling well for a few days, she thinks that she has COVID.

45.John has not been watching TV for a month. He wanted to be in detox but he does not enjoy watching TV anymore.

46.How long has Amy been studying Spanish?

47.Have Steve’s children playing at the park for hours?

48.Which book has Abraham reading for a while?

49.Who has been sleeping for fourteen hours?

50.He has been traveling around the world for a month.

51.I haven’t been playing tennis.

52.They have been talking for the last hour.

53.I have been trying to learn the English language.

54.They’ve been talking all afternoon.

55.Your eyes are red. Have you been crying?

56.Have you been keeping track of sales?

57.I’ve been training at the gym recently.

58.I have been studying for the exam.

59.He has been teaching English for 2 hours.

60.I have not been working here since 1993.

61.You’ve been sleeping the whole morning.

62.I have been studying for two hours.

63.I haven’t been studying maths for weeks.

64.She has been reading this book.

65.She has been ignoring me for a long time.

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