Imperative Sentences in English, 150 Examples of Imperative Sentences

Imperative Sentences in English, 150 Examples of Imperative Sentences

1.Please grant me a loan.

2.Take a left at the first stop light.

3.Don’t speak to Sam.

4.Don’t eat too much before bed.

5.Open the package first.

6.Bring me my food now.

7.Don’t touch my computer without my permission

8.Bring me a notebook right away to study my lessons.

9.Never forget the person who loves you.

10.Please return the money I gave you.

11.Stop being mean to me all the time.


13.Don’t open the window, please.


15.Leave the package at the door.

16.Come have fun with us tonight.

17.Join us to chat with us.

18.Come and dance with us!

19.Come to school later!

20.Don’t talk to him.

21.Kindly lower your voices.

22.Be extra careful not to get your car dirty.

23.You there, pay attention!

24.Don’t come with us if you order your steak as well-done. It is lame.

25.Do not run behind the bus.

26.Drive your car carefully if the wild wind blows.

27.Come talk to us!

28.Eat well.

29.Don’t move!

30.Maintain silence!

31.Watch your step!

32.Give us the gate key.

33.Do not behave like a dumb.

34.Catch it.

35.Turn left at that intersection.

36.Play with intensity and courage.

37.Do not use drugs after vaccination.

38.Please grant me a loan.

39.Take a left at the first stop light.

40.Don’t speak to Sam.

41.Don’t talk too loud at school.

42.Don’t forget to do the homework I gave you.

43.Stop overreacting.

44.Please join us to talk.

45.Consider the lily.

46.Preheat the oven to 150 degrees before baking the cake.

47.Don’t go out.

48.Come to work later.

49.Don’t ever call me a loser.

50.Do the laundry.

51.Please bring back the book I gave you.

52.Please, don’t come in.

53.Stop doing this to me.

54.Consider vegetables over meat.

55.Don’t talk too loud at school.

56.Please join me for dinner.

57.Teach him.

58.Be quiet, sir!

59.Don’t go, please.

60.Pour some sugar on me.

61.Feel free to call me any time.

62.Respect your elders.

63.Alex, please turn out that light.

64.Please grant me a loan.

65.Don’t forget.

66.Shut the window, will you?

67.Have a Coke and a smile.

68.Never forget the person who values you.

69.Don’t forget to brush your teeth after eating.

70.Stay amazing!

71.Don’t drive fast.

72.Wash your laundry when it’s your turn.

73.Pull the car you parked from here.

74.Miss me when we are parted.

75.Drive slowly.

76.Don’t sit there.

77.Catch it.

78.Turn left at that intersection.

79.Play with intensity and courage.

80.Do not use drugs after vaccination.

81.Take your time or you’ll lose it.

82.Pay more attention to your car.

83.Do not run away from the problems.

84.Bring me a cup of coffee.

85.Read a lot to improve your writing skill.

86.Pay the fees by time.

87.Please leave.

88.To install Witcher 3 Game of The Year edition, download the steam desktop launcher.

89.Watch your step before taking it.

90.Wish me luck, baby. This exam is too important.

91.Don’t open your books.

92.Do not give up.

93.Don’t ever touch my phone.

94.Don’t drink any water.

95.Clean your room.

96.Shall we not go out?

97.Please don’t write your name on paper.

98.Shut up!

99.Don’t touch my phone.

100.Don’t come here, please.

101.Stand up, Samuel.

102.Give me a pen and a pencil.

103.Give me a phone and a computer.

104.Come to the club with us tonight.

105.Please arrive at the meeting on time.

106.Don’t touch the hot stove.

107.Wash your hands!

108.Pull your car so we can go out too.

109.Move your legs, there would be a little pain.

110.Come with us to the movies later.

111.Don’t text me anymore.

112.Don’t come here.

113.Drink milk at night before going to bed.

114.Don’t ever dare to use that word again.

115.Please leave the door open!

116.Help me.

117.Talk to me softly.

118.Do not play with fire.

119.Make sure you study all the topics before the exam.

120.Steep turn, go slow!

121.Ring the bell.

122.Enjoy this delicious meal.

123.Don’t move!

124.Maintain silence!

125.Watch your step!

126.Give us the gate key.

127.Do not behave like a dumb.

128.Leave the book under my doormat.

129.I love ice cream!

130.Get out!

131.Make sure you pack warm clothes.

132.Choose Eamonn, not Seamus.

133.Don’t sit there.

134.Go now!

135.Don’t drive so fast!

136.Be there at seven.

137.Clean your room.

138.Complete these by noon.

139.Consider the red hat.

140.Please be quiet.

141.Give that back!

142.Clean your room.

143.Please change the channel.

144.Please open the door quickly.

145.Have a cup of cappuccino.

146.Do your chores!

147.You wash your hand first and then eat.

148.Kindly bring the book to me.

149.Tidy your room!

150.Enjoy some fresh strawberries.

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