Declarative Sentences Examples, 100 Declarative Example Sentences

Declarative Sentences Examples, 100 Declarative Example Sentences

1.I am surprised.

2.He is eight years old.

3.I love my cat.

4.My new car is black.

5.George brushes her teeth twice a day.

6.We watched TV last night.

7.She doesn’t study German on Saturday.

8.Pizza is the best.

9.The cat is sleeping on the couch.

10.When he was young, his father died.

11.I can speak English fluently.

12.He did not make a waffle for breakfast.

13.Who are you?

14.He loves hanging out with strangers.

15.This is a frustrating book to no end.

16.Baby wakes up if we make too much noise.

17.He is running.

18.Susan is leaving here.

19.He wanted to spend time with him.

20.He’s back from school.


22.He wanted to play football, but she wanted to play basketball.

23.The sky looks blue.

24.He left here.

25.He just asked you.

26.Did he eat breakfast?

27.He ate breakfast.

28.I am so surprised!

29.A man can not be comfortable without his own approval.

30.London is the capital of England.

31.John was working all night.

32.She asked whether I liked her dress.

33.The Earth revolves around the sun.

34.You aren’t needed.

35.He plays the trumpet, and she plays the trombone.

36.They traveled for months.

37.I hope you can come tomorrow.

38.Apart from Spanish, she also teaches math.

39.She kissed her boyfriend again.

40.They have a different background. Accordingly, we have the right to different futures.

41.Alex likes Arya.

42.He is a humble man.

43.They should move on from here.

44.China is the fastest growing economy.

45.We like pizza.

46.There are 5 apples on the table.

47.She went to the park yesterday.

48.Roads are made from asphalt.

49.I waited in line for four hours because I’m such a big fan of her.

50.I like potatoes.

51.We should leave early.

52.Those dresses used to be mine.

53.The car is white.

54.She plays the piano, and he sings along.

55.The vegetables are greener after the rain.

56.You go to holiday every summer.

57.She can speak Spanish, too.

58.She objected at first, but finally submitted.

59.They should take your umbrella because it’s raining.

60.If water reaches 100 degrees, it boils.

61.The dog is sleeping on the couch.

62.It’s 35 degrees outside.

63.Mother cut the cheese with a knife.

64.These are my shoes.

65.George Washington was the first president of the United States.

66.I and my sister don’t see each other anymore.

67.I haven’t watched the movie, yet I already know the ending.

68.Tomorrow early morning first I go to morning walk.

69.If you make a cake, you firstly break eggs.

70.She cried out loud.

71.Chemistry is my favorite subject, but my brother really likes social studies.

72.They go to a gallery every Saturday.

73.I witnessed a robbery last week.

74.Her shoes were brand new, and now they are missing.

75.I was born in the USA, therefore I cannot adapt very easily to hot countries.

76.I’m cutting my trip short.

77.The two sides agreed to set up a commission to investigate claims.

78.My uncle sang his son to sleep.

79.Nowadays, Selena was very bored, yet, when she saw you, she started to feel good again.

80.He could be your partner.

81.He is a humble man.

82.Mary loves pizza.

83.The motorbike is grey.

84.James is happy.

85.He is four years old.

86.They couldn’t decide which cafe they wanted to enter; therefore, they continued walking.

87.I fell asleep for a while after making coffee today; however, I still feel very tired and exhausted.

88.He especially likes playing basketball, and the other generally enjoys football.

89.I have a lot of homework these days, but I don’t have any lessons to study.

90.Today I can cook a perfect meal, or we can go and have a romantic dinner in a luxury restaurant.

91.I’m walking to the library.

92.She likes climbing.

93.He wants to compete in the Olympics.

94.I hope to see you soon.

95.Her cat is black.

96.Jessica likes history lectures.

97.George Washington was the first president.

98.They shout.

99.Rohan’s pet is unwell.

100.They are brothers.

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