Adverbs Sentences Examples, 100 Adverbs Example Sentences

Adverbs Sentences Examples, 100 Adverbs Example Sentences

1.He always thought of his friends and didn’t care if he was upset.

2.My mom got angry because she was constantly looking at her phone and took the phone from her hand.

3.Often, he preferred to spend time at home and rest.

4.His hands were sore from washing his hands frequently.

5.Since the tournament was approaching, he started to do sports actively.

6.After the owner took off his dog’s leash, he began to aggressively attack other dogs.

7.Customers left the cafe as the waiter awkwardly took orders from customers.

8.The firefighter boldly entered the flames and rescued the old woman.

9.Maya looked around but she couldn’t notice her phone was right in front of her.

10.I literally searched everywhere that mankind knows.

11.I’m going back to work.

12.What is she doing up there by herself?

13.Freddie, come over here quickly and see what I did!

14.You are hiding down there under the table like a spineless coward.

15.Here comes the sun!

16.Yes, I’ve found it. There it is!

17.Here you are!

18.They must arrive here by tomorrow.

19.I guess he lives somewhere in India.

20.Sorry, I’m going to miss the reunion. I went abroad yesterday via an urgent call.

21.She is sleeping upstairs. Please be quiet.

22.I went out.

23.I knew that he would turn back.

24.Let’s study in the library tonight.

25.Look outside.

26.Let’s hide behind the curtain like puppets!

27.Please put the jewelry on the case.

28.He didn’t generally listen to my father, but he never went against my mother because he was afraid of her.

29.Normally he used to drink tea every morning, but today he preferred coffee.

30.He usually thought that his day was energetic by doing sports for half an hour.

31.If you take care of your skin regularly, your skin will always look young and healthy.

32.Sometimes, because he went to sleep much earlier, he couldn’t do the things he needed to do that day, and there was more work left for the next day.

33.He liked to surprise his friends from occasionally.

34.I always go to school at 10 am.

35.He doesn’t usually go to work by bus.

36.Do you often visit your grandfather and grandmother?

37.Could you rarely water the flowers?

38.How often does David go to the movies?

39.When will you call me to meet me?

40.Yesterday I was listening to music pleasantly while making tea.

41.While watching the series, he quickly drank hot tea.

42.As he walked out of the house, he quickly closed the door.

43.How long have you been drinking coffee? I thought you were just coming!

44.He has a nice voice.

45.He sings nicely.

46.How often do you come to this bookstore? I’ve never seen you before!

47.When did the exam start?

48.Samara looked around but she couldn’t see the cat.

49.You searched everywhere you could think of.

50.I am going back to cinema.

51.Come in!

52.When will you go on this trip?

53.Built We built a house nearby.

54.I have been cycling for 5 years, but I have been going to school by bike since last December.

55.John arrived last week, in March 2020.

56.When will you start reading?

57.How were you yesterday?

58.How did you find my garden?

59.How do you go to the cinema?

60.Why are you waiting here? Your friends are waiting for you inside!

61.He slowly opened the door and reluctantly looked his friend.

62.The cat quickly ate the food.

63.I don’t understand why you woke up so late, I’ve been warning you about it for a long time!

64.Why didn’t you go with them? I thought you were going.

65.Why not buy a dress?

66.The man will definitely get the job done extremely quickly, so rest assured.

67.Jesica walks carefully along the road.

68.I totally agree with Tom!

69.Tomas really want a new computer.

70.The story would definitely end in the simplest way, Alice said, so we trusted you.

71.We definitely knew you would come here these days.

72.How long have you started studying? I thought we would start together when I arrived.

73.Where do you usually prefer to spend the winter months?

74.Where were you spending time?

75.Where is the most popular soup place here?

76.Where were you? I really waited for you!

77.How much oil does Paris need?

78.How much milk do you want?

79.How much corn is in the glass?

80.How long does it take to get from Paris to Amsterdam?

81.How long have you worked in this business?

82.How many classes do you study during the day?

83.How can you complete these activities so quickly?

84.The students like to play outside.

85.They are planning a vacation nearby.

86.How did you get this far on foot? Congratulations!

87.How do you drive the car? I have been having a hard time lately.

88.How was your holiday so good?

89.How much do I have to pay?

90.How much is this book? I want to pay the fee immediately.

91.How many of these glasses are there? I want to buy them all.

92.I think Martin will surely be there at the right time.

93.Nowadays I’m also very tired, I surely need a vacation.

94.I got up late today too, but I’ll surely still get all the work done.

95.I return very tiredly after going to school, so I surely need to sleep today.

96.When I go to a cyclist these days, the rider is always busy, I surely think it will be like this today.

97.Recently announced data are undoubtedly extremely inaccurate.

98.You undoubtedly should read this book to get results in the fastest way possible.

99.When making coffee, you undoubtedly should put the coffee after the water, otherwise, the coffee grains may be boiled in the water.

100.You undoubtedly need to take notes while reading this book, otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to understand.

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