50 Complex Sentences Examples, English Examples of Complex Sentences

50 Complex Sentences Examples, English Examples of Complex Sentences

1.You had better wait until the fireman come.

2.Don’t leave the restaurant until the dishes here are washed.

3.While playing football, the ball thrown by my friend hit the boy crossing the street.

4.Elissa was very sick today and we will take her to the hospital now, before she gets worse.

5.Even after all these years, when I saw her, I was as excited as the first day.

6.The game we went to at the mall today was so much fun no matter how long it lasted.

7.Although he wanted to study abroad, he could not go because his father did not want him to go.

8.I saw him going to work in the morning when I was going to school.

9.While I was cooking he was still playing games on the computer.

10.Although I miss him so much, I cannot go to him because I do not have money.

11.Although I worked hard, I got a very low grade from the exam and stayed in the classroom.

12.A company is stronger if it is bound by love rather than by fear.

13.We are not speaking although we want to learn.

14.Although we want to learn, we are not speaking.

15.Before your friends come, you will clean your room.

16.After Tomas had solved the problem, Tomas explained the solution.

17.In case the traffic is congested on the road, you must go to work early.

18.Bella should take her driver’s license with her in case she needs it.

19.The book is so great that you’ll never forget the book.

20.The young man was so healthy that he could run every night.

21.Before your friends go, you will clean your room.

22.After Tomas had solved this problem, Tomas explained the solution.

23.Before I have breakfast, I always have a shower.

24.They can go wherever they want.

25.Although he was sick, he still wen to work.

26.Even if Alex earned a big salary, he would not buy a fast car.

27.While she was walking I was running.

28.I won’t go to the party though I was invited.

29.Neither Mark nor his wife is very tall.

30.My sister neither drinks norsmokes.

31.Neither my friends nor the bookstore has the book.

32.Neither the employees nor the boss was at work.Neither is used as a conjunction.

33.This structure, “neither … nor”, is used to connect the same kind of word or phrase in the sentence.

34.Neither makes a negative statement about two people or things.

35.Either he or she cooks dinner.

36.Either Mark or Samuel will go.

37.You can either come with me now or walk home.

38.They don’t have enough time. They can either have breakfast or have a shower.

39.I will leave the party early in order that I will catch the bus.

40.either my friends nor the bookstore has the book.

41.Neither the employees nor the boss was at work.

42.Neither Susan nor her friends are going to go to the party tonight.

43.Neither my father nor my mother went to university.

44.She usually eats at home, because she likes cooking.

45.The girl ran because she was afraid.

46.They should take your umbrella because it ́s raining.

47.I could have passed my math exam if I had studied harder.

48.If my son could have taken the English course, he could have passed the exam.

49.If she could have gone to Mexico, she would have seen the best friends.

50.If they could have developed their business, they would have enlarged their workplaces.

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