Sentences with Yet, 23 Sentences about Yet

Sentences with Yet, 23 Sentences about Yet

1.Are you bored yet?

2.We aren’t dead yet.

3.They’re not home yet.

4.We can’t open this yet.

5.I haven’t finished my homework yet.

6.I haven’t talked to my son yet.

7.Have you met him yet?

8.I haven’t watched TV yet, I don’t know.

9.She won’t have sent the email yet.

10.My brother and I haven’t met yet.

11.Samuel has bought a new dress but he hasn’t worn it yet.

12.He hasn’t watered the flowers yet.

13.Hasn’t Mary arrived yet?

14.It hasn’t been decided yet.

15.The concert hasn’t yet begun.

16.We haven’t been able to solve the problem yet.

17.We’re not certain of that yet.

18.I’m not ready to give up just yet.

19.We can’t rule out anything yet.

20.My father has not come home yet.

21.I haven’t found a new job yet.

22.Don’t break out the champagne yet.

23.I haven’t eaten anything yet today.

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