Sentences with Through, 18 Sentences about Through

Sentences with Through, 18 Sentences about Through

1.A large car can not pass through a narrow road.

2.You have been running through my head all night.

3.She got through to wrong department.

4.The boy shot a tiger through the head.

5.Look, I can’t get through to this number.

6.How much water is needed throughout the day?

7.We’re not through yet.

8.This is truly a miracle what we’ve been through.

9.Transparent objects allow light to pass through them.

10.I’ve been through a lot lately.

11.We cut through the solid rock to build the tunnel.

12.When will you get through with work?

13.We’ll never get through it.

14.An enthusiastic howl broke the silence, and Grendel bounded through the doorway.

15.He looked through a magazine.

16.Frank made me look through his photo album.

17.I looked through Samuel’s wallet.

18.This workplace helped me through my personal development, and now I have decided to start my own business.

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