Sentences with The word Here, Sentences about The word Here in English

Sentences with The word Here, Sentences about The word Here in English

1. He left here.

2. I am here now.

3. Get back here.

4. I grew up here.

5. We walked here.

6. Are we all here?

7. May I smoke here?

8. I must stay here.

9. your dog is here.

10. I will come here.

11. You may park here.

12. Come here at once.

13. No one lives here.

14. Ooo, are you here!

15. You were here then.

16. You’re needed here.

17. Pay your fare here.

18. You must stop here.

19. We grow wheat here.

20. Does she work here?

21. I’m all alone here.

22. I used to play here.

23. Your shoes are here.

24. Give me a hand here.

25. Don’t come out here.

26. I used to come here.

27. They live near here.

28. 112.Don’t come here.

29. Could you sign here?

30. What stinks in here?

31. She is not here now.

32. Who’s in charge here?

33. You must be new here.

34. We used to live here.

35. There’s a crown here.

36. Come here Ella, quick!

37. She isn’t living here.

38. Do you live near here?

39. Susan is leaving here.

40. Alex wasn’t here then.

41. I no longer live here.

42. They’re all pros here.

43. Neither here nor there.

44. You can not smoke here.

45. I didn’t put this here.

46. Don’t throw trash here.

47. Alex used to work here.

48. I suggest you dig here.

49. She has never been here.

50. Don’t come here, please.

51. You can’t hang out here.

52. How far is it from here?

53. I put it here somewhere.

54. Don’t dump garbage here.

55. Who put this paper here?

56. Can I eat my lunch here?

57. Hey, no smoking in here!

58. Write your address here.

59. Could we get out of here?

60. You can quote books here.

61. It’s awfully hot in here.

62. I am thrilled to be here.

63. She left here right away.

64. He hasn’t been here long.

65. Let’s set up a sign here.

66. It’s awfully hot in here.

67. Alex should be here soon.

68. There were 3 apples here.

69. Alex should be here soon.

70. I said don’t bother here.

71. Can we please focus here?

72. He comes here every week.

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