Sentences with The word COME, Sentences about The word COME in English

Sentences with The word COME, Sentences about The word COME in English

1. Come in!

2. Come quickly.

3. Come with me.

4. Can I come in?

5. Here he comes!

6. May I come in?

7. Hi, come on in.

8. Can I come too?

9. I come in peace.

10. They might come.

11. To come out dry.

12. I will come here.

13. Come here at once.

14. Welcome to London.

15. To come off cheap.

16. Easy come, easy go.

17. Here comes the sun!

18. Come talk to us!

19. I might come again.

20. Welcome to my home.

21. Will you have come?

22. Come along with me.

23. Welcome back, Steve.

24. Don’t come out here.

25. Don’t come here.

26. I used to come here.

27. He has already come.

28. Tomorrow come never.

29. He hasn’t come home.

30. I’ll come back soon.

31. Will you come to us?

32. You must not come in.

33. I will come with you.

34. She has already come.

35. Shall he not come in?

36. Shall he not come in?

37. Come to school later!

38. Mary, Come on, do it.

39. Come here Ella, quick!

40. 48.Come to work later.

41. You will come with me.

42. Has not Alex come yet?

43. Come over and help out.

44. We will not have come.

45. Come and dance with us!

46. Will you come to school?

47. You must not come in.

48. I’ll come to your place.

49. Come to school later!

50. Where does he come from?

51. Don’t come here, please.

52. They will come after you.

53. Will you come home today?

54. He comes here every week.

55. What we think, we become.

56. They want to become rich.

57. First come, first served.

58. You have to come with me.

59. 52.Please, don’t come in.

60. We’ve become good friends.

61. A gun might come in handy.

62. Pride comes before a fall.

63. No one will come after me.

64. It has become much warmer.

65. Why did you come so early?

66. Come and dance with us!

67. They were welcomed warmly.

68. Don’t wait, it won’t come.

69. After a storm comes a calm.

70. He occasionally comes here.

71. Appetite comes with eating.

72. We welcome you to our club.

73. I’ve come to depend on you.

74. Skill to do comes of doing.

75. If it rains, he won’t come.

76. Come over here and join us.

77. your dreams have come true.

78. To come away none the wiser.

79. I’d like to become a doctor.

80. Come at seven o’clock sharp.

81. Stay there, don’t come here!

82. I will see him when he come.

83. What time did you come home?

84. 100.Don’t come here, please.

85. Success doesn’t come easily.

86. I never doubted the outcome.

87. I’m certain that he’ll come.

88. I’ll come in early next week.

89. Samuel shouted to us to come.

90. He wishes to become a doctor.

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