Sentences with The, 35 Sentences about The

Sentences with The, 35 Sentences about The

1.The man who is performing today is a well-known person.

2.The red balloon floated over the treetop.

3.They would go to the movies if you are interested.

4.I would play the tennis when I was a child.

5.Could I go to the park?

6.You should have listened to the teacher.

7.You should go to the hospital tomorrow or you will be more sick.

8.You shouldn`t throw litter on the ground.

9.Michale should keep out of the sun for two days.

10.I’m afraid she may have the mumps.

11.They will go to the school.

12.It will stay in the outside.

13.Could you hand me the pencil?

14.They could go to the movies if you are interested.

15.I could have passed the exam, but I never worked.

16.She must tell the truth to the court.

17.I must return the book now.

18.You must try hard for the match.

19.They must follow the rules.

20.You may take the book.

21.You may sit at the front of the class.

22.May I swim in the lake?

23.My cat will run out, can you please close the door?

24.Can you hand me the pen?

25.You can buy tickets from the dealers.

26.There is nothing left in the fridge. Can I do some shopping for you?

27.Everything was ready for the party.

28.Alex isn’t telling the truth.

29.We won’t go to the theater.

30.I won’t go to the cemetery.

31.They will win the game.

32.She won’t watch the football match.

33.Will Jane be able to get to the party in time?

34.The sun will rise at 7.

35.I will clean the house tomorrow.

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