Sentences with Some, 23 Sentences about Some

Sentences with Some, 23 Sentences about Some

1.I asked her to lend me some money.

2.I need some cash.

3.I have got some money in my purse.

4.Give me some money.

5.How about some milk?

6.May I have some bread?

7.Lose some weight.

8.I want to drink some tea.

9.Let’s get some dinner.

10.There are some green apples on the plate.

11.They ate some delicious food.

12.I made some calls.

13.Do you want some water?

14.I fed some meat to my dog.

15.Give Alex some space.

16.I could use some help here.

17.Please give me some milk to make tea.

18.Let’s ask some questions.

19.Jessica drank some wine.

20.We have some new problems.

21.We’re going to need some.

22.She needed some medicine yesterday but we didn’t find any open pharmacy last night.

23.He will bring some friends to the party next week.

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