Sentences with Run, 30 Sentences about Run

Sentences with Run, 30 Sentences about Run

1.When he saw the dog, he suddenly started to run away.

2.The thief ran away from the bank.

3.My father runs in the park every morning.

4.The man ran away.

5.I could have run away from my mother, as I wanted to.

6.She began to run.

7.Run as fast as you can.

8.She runs a lot of hotels.

9.We’re running out of money.

10.I didn’t run away from home.

11.My father runs a restaurant.

12.The dog was run over by a car.

13.Run along now, children! I’m busy.

14.Why do dogs run after cats?

15.I ran across some old friends at the party.

16.The prisoners ran away from the prison.

17.I’ve run into a difficulty  with the project.

18.Luck was really running against you yesterday!

19.The child ran around all day in the garden

20.We‘ll just run over the main points again.

21.The discussion ran on for hours.

22.The battery has run down;  it needs recharging.

23.You sure run fast.

24.Alex ran away from home.

25.I’m glad I ran into you.

26.I’m going to have to run.

27.Don’t run away from me now.

28.The children are running in the garden.

29.My son was running and playing games in the park.

30.Trains are running on schedule.

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