Sentences with Reading, Sentences about Reading in English

Sentences with Reading, Sentences about Reading in English

1. I was just reading.

2. I am reading a book.

3. I love reading books.

4. Are you dreading this?

5. She is reading a book.

6. He’s reading a novel now.

7. Reading develops the mind.

8. Had he been reading a book?

9. Reading books is important.

10. When will you start reading?

11. Samuel must be reading a book.

12. I am reading a book right now.

13. He had not been reading a book.

14. Her new novel is worth reading.

15. She has been reading this book.

16. They will not have been reading.

17. I like reading detective stories.

18. Steve resumed reading after lunch.

19. I enjoy reading historical novels.

20. I love reading scientific articles.

21. My reading list grows exponentially.

22. You are not reading a book right now.

23. How long have you been since reading?

24. You have to catch up on your reading.

25. Are you dreading this as much as I am?

26. Alex devoted himself to reading books.

27. This is Jessica. She is reading a book.

28. Was she reading the book when they came?

29. As she was reading the book, Alice came.

30. She tore the letter up after reading it.

31. Reading is one of life’s great pleasures.

32. Which book has Abraham reading for a while?

33. Your favorite activity is reading articles.

34. I am reading a book while my son is writing.

35. Have you finished reading the newspaper yet?

36. These books are worth reading at least once.

37. You’ll be reading your book at four o’clock.

38. He has been reading a newspaper for two hours.

39. Adding comments makes reading the code easier.

40. Any book worth banning is a book worth reading.

41. Reading one book is like eating one potato chip.

42. Let’s resume reading where we left off last week.

43. He will not have been reading a newspaper tomorrow.

44. I have not been reading any book until my graduation.

45. Do you recall reading to this article when they were family?

46. Reading without reflecting is like eating without digesting.

47. Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.

48. No entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting.

49. Beauty can’t amuse you, but brainwork – reading, writing, thinking – can.

50. Few people read books today. Everyone should pay attention to reading books.

51. Reading is that fruitful miracle of a communication in the midst of solitude.

52. Be careful about reading health books. Some fine day you’ll die of a misprint.

53. My argument is that War makes rattling good history but Peace is poor reading.

54. Reading is my favourite occupation, when I have leisure for it and books to read.

55. There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that receives it.

56. There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

57. You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.

58. You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.

59. The reading of all good books is like conversation with the finest men of past centuries.

60. I was always reading those beauty magazines and wanting to become this unattainable thing.

61. Reading is more of a left-brain process, and listening to music is a right-brain function.

62. I took a speed-reading course and read War and Peace in twenty minutes. It involves Russia.

63. If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.

64. The pleasure of all reading is doubled when one lives with another who shares the same books.

65. I took a speed-reading course and read ‘War and Peace’ in twenty minutes. It involves Russia.

66. The reading of a fine book is an uninterrupted dialogue in which the book speaks and our soul replies.

67. Her reputation for reading a great deal hung about her like the cloudy envelope of a goddess in an epic.

68. There are two motives for reading a book; one, that you enjoy it; the other, that you can boast about it.

69. To acquire the habit of reading is to construct for yourself a refuge from almost all the miseries of life.

70. I write early in the morning, usually after reading portions of at least half a dozen newspapers on the web.

71. I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of anything than of a book!

72. You undoubtedly need to take notes while reading this book, otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to understand.

73. Every reader exists to ensure for a certain book a modest immortality. Reading is, in this sense, a ritual of rebirth.

74. I am to cover the philosophical side of the debate and so far my only thought is that reading keeps you from going gaga.

75. Writing and reading decrease our sense of isolation. They deepen and widen and expand our sense of life: they feed the soul.

76. A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading.

77. My younger sister learned to read and write this year, however she spent the whole summer vacation reading and writing books.

78. Because reading is one of the joys of life, and once you begin, you can’t stop, and you’ve got so many stories to look forward to.

79. Reading is the sole means by which we slip, involuntarily, often helplessly, into another’s skin, another’s voice, another’s soul.

80. Reading is the sole means by which we slip, involuntarily, often helplessly, into another’s skin, another’s voice, another’s soul.

81. At first I could not believe what I was reading. I got up from my seat and walked away, talking to myself that I may have found my mom.

82. I didn’t feel like reading that night, so I went downstairs and watched a half-hour long commercial that advertised an exercise machine.

83. Make your own Bible. Select and collect all the words and sentences that in all your readings have been to you like the blast of a trumpet.

84. No longer shall I paint interiors with men reading and women knitting. I will paint living people who breathe and feel and suffer and love.

85. Reading a book is like having the ability to dip a straw into the author’s soul and sip and slurp without lowering the water table of wisdom.

86. Reading a novel in which all characters illustrate patience, hard work, chastity, and delayed gratification could be a pretty dull experience.

87. In reading the lives of great men, I found that the first victory they won was over themselves… self-discipline with all of them came first.

88. Grades were important in our house. I was reading by two. My mom would sit there and read with me, read with me, read with me. It was wonderful.

89. It is a strange thing, but when you are dreading something, and would give anything to slow down time, it has a disobliging habit of speeding up.

90. The Southern slave would obey God in respect to marriage, and also to the reading and studying of His word. But this, as we have seen, is forbidden him.

91. From 7 in the morning to 11 at night, I was reading. I don’t think one can find any other time in one’s life to be left alone so much to read in peace like that.

92. There are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.

93. Reading is my passion and my escape since I was 5 years old. Overall, children don’t realize the magic that can live inside their own heads. Better even then any movie.

94. It wasn’t a good idea to work on ‘Naked’ in the first months of a marriage. I was living apart from my wife in a flat overflowing with books I was reading for the part.

95. If people are constantly reading about you, and you’re overexposed, they’ve got no reason to go see your movies. Also, it’s not pleasant or nice to have your privacy invaded.

96. I think it’s your mental attitude. So many of us start dreading age in high school and that’s a waste of a lovely life. ‘Oh… I’m 30, oh, I’m 40, oh, 50.’ Make the most of it.

97. There is nothing more luxurious than eating while you read—unless it be reading while you eat. Amabel did both: they are not the same thing, as you will see if you think the matter over.

98. Open a book this minute and start reading. Don’t move until you’ve reached page fifty. Until you’ve buried your thoughts in print. Cover yourself with words. Wash yourself away. Dissolve.

99. I am up at 3:30, reading the op-ed pages and getting ready to be on the air by 6 A.M. on the set of ‘Morning Joe,’ and after three hours of TV and two hours on the radio, it is only 12 noon.

100. I love doing normal things – movies, shopping, going out with friends, writing, reading, taking hot bubble baths – that’s a big one for relaxation. I also love to go to art and history museums.

101. He had read much, if one considers his long life but his contemplation was much more than his reading. He was wont to say that if he had read as much as other men he should have known no more than other men.

102. I’ve just finished reading a book about the brilliant Margaret Rutherford. She wasn’t a beauty, but inside she was absolutely blazing and passionate about her work. She’s one of those life-affirming characters.

103. I don’t believe in writing at night because it comes too easily. When I read it in the morning it’s not good. I need daylight to begin. Between nine and ten o’clock I have a long breakfast with reading and music.

104. I’ve found myself at one in the morning just sitting at my desk spending an hour returning emails from the day until like two in the morning. It’s ridiculous, I should be sleeping, or dreaming, or reading a novel.

105. Reading is escape, and the opposite of escape; it’s a way to make contact with reality after a day of making things up, and it’s a way of making contact with someone else’s imagination after a day that’s all too real.

106. I’m concentrating on staying healthy, having peace, being happy, remembering what is important, taking in nature and animals, spending time reading, trying to understand the universe, where science and the spiritual meet.

107. I don’t want to be in my car all day. I love getting up in the morning in Venice and walking my dogs down to the cafe to get my tea, and then perhaps going to a bookstore and sitting and reading, then walking to the beach.

108. The attitude of the actor is his interpretation of what he reads, and the written word is what creates the role in the actor’s mind, and I guess in reading the things that were given to me, I reacted as you guys saw me, you know.

109. The books that help you most are those which make you think that most. The hardest way of learning is that of easy reading but a great book that comes from a great thinker is a ship of thought, deep freighted with truth and beauty.

110. When I was in the first grade I was afraid of the teacher and had a miserable time in the reading circle, a difficulty that was overcome by the loving patience of my second grade teacher. Even though I could read, I refused to do so.

111. My horizon on humanity is enlarged by reading the writers of poems, seeing a painting, listening to some music, some opera, which has nothing at all to do with a volatile human condition or struggle or whatever. It enriches me as a human being.

112. It was the courts, of course, that took away prayer from our schools, that took away Bible reading from our schools. It’s the courts that gave us same-sex marriage. So it is quite a battlefield, and the Supreme Court is the highest court in the land.

113. It is generally recognised that women are better than men at languages, personal relations and multi-tasking, but less good at map-reading and spatial awareness. It is therefore not unreasonable to suppose that women might be less good at mathematics and physics.

114. I was looking to do something non-fiction because I had done a strip, ‘My Mom Was a Schizophrenic.’ I really enjoyed the process of doing that strip, despite its subject matter. To do it I’d had to do a lot of research and reading and I figured I’d like to do that again.

115. I know one husband and wife who, whatever the official reasons given to the court for the break up of their marriage, were really divorced because the husband believed that nobody ought to read while he was talking and the wife that nobody ought to talk while she was reading.

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