Sentences with Possessive Pronouns, 24 Sentences about Possessive Pronouns

Sentences with Possessive Pronouns, 24 Sentences about Possessive Pronouns

1.Mine is faster than your school.

2.Your notebook is more interesting than his.

3.This dog is mine or this is my dog.

4.John is a friend of mine from class.

5.Are those girl friends of his?

6.This computer and tablet are mine.

7.My classroom is cleaner than yours.

8.Their teacher is old, ours is young.

9.I need a fountain pen. I lost mine.

10.My best friend’s gaming computer at school is much stronger than yours.

11.Relatives have a big dog but ours is too small.

12.Denis and Jimmy want to buy a new car because theirs are so worn out.

13.Jessica’s dress is new but hers is old.

14.Jane’s red roses looked prettier than mine.

15.My cousin’s clothes are cleaner than mine.

16.I can’t use my pen because the tip of my pen is broken. Can you give me yours?

17.Did you know that this luxury house is his? It’s incredible.

18.The red sports car in the corner is ours, but we haven’t had a chance to drive it yet.

19.Is that pink thick closed spiral notebook yours or mine?

20.If we can’t have our evening party at your house, we can at mine. My house is more than suitable for parties.

21.The most important historical monument of this city is the Statue of Liberty, and its is the Eiffel Tower.

22.When we get married, we will make a pact that everything that is mine will be yours.

23.Is that beautiful white cat we saw in the garden her cat?

24.Thanks to her achievements, free holiday will be hers.

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