Sentences with Over, 22 Sentences about Over

Sentences with Over, 22 Sentences about Over

1.I’m over thirty.

2.Wait over there.

3.Can’t we start over?

4.I think it’s over.

5.The red balloon floated over the treetop.

6.The party is over.

7.Mary was upset at having been passed over for the job.

8.I’m on my way over.

9.Paula is not going to have been doing workouts for over three hours.

10.Is it hot over there?

11.Alice will have returned home when the party is over.

12.Samuel turned over in bed.

13.Come over and help out.

14.The plane will fly over in 5 minutes.

15.She is famous all over the World.

16.Our lunch break’s over.

17.Look at the clock over the door.

18.I’m going to start over.

19.Tom jumped over the barrier.

20.What’s happening over there?

21.What is over there.

22.Frank is certainly over thirty.

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