Sentences with Must, 30 Sentences about Must

Sentences with Must, 30 Sentences about Must

1.We must fasten our seatbelts.

2.You must stop playing computer games.

3.She must learn to drive. It will be very useful.

4.Banks must examine all documents.

5.She must not disturb me.

6.The students must study English at least eleven hours a week.

7.In case the traffic is congested on the road, you must go to work early.

8.Jessica must be quite a woman to inspire such admiration from jack.

9.This video game must be very old, we used to play it with my brother when I was little.

10.You mustn’t come earlier tomorrow.

11.We must have been crazy!

12.You must stop here.

13.You must wear a seatbelt when you drive.

14.You must answer at least one question.

15.She looks sick. She must go home.

16.I must do some work.

17.I must return the book now.

18.He mustn’t be late for the meeting.

19.I must be careful not to upset her.

20.They must leave immediately.

21.You must do the exercises, they are obligatory.

22.You must try hard for the match.

23.I must study next week.

24.That must be Samuel.

25.I must do this right now!

26.You must drive carefully.

27.I must go.

28.I must call my mother tomorrow.

29.I must say I’m flattered.

30.They must follow the rules.

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