Sentences with Little, 25 Sentences about Little

Sentences with Little, 25 Sentences about Little

1.I am a little angry with him.

2.We’ll be there in a little while.

3.Might I read your magazine a little bit?

4.I feel a little insecure.

5.This one’s a little harder.

6.I’m just a little nervous.

7.I need a little more space.

8.I could use a little more money.

9.You’re a little overweight.

10.I have got a little money, it is enough to buy this book.

11.There is a little milk in the refrigerator.

12.I only speak a little English.

13.Would you like a little water?

14.Mary got a little bit of pie.

15.Can’t you discount it a little?

16.I’ll be back in a little bit.

17.We knew he would be a doctor even when he was a little boy.

18.I’m sorry, I speak little French.

19.There was little time to finish my homework.

20.The kitten is little.

21.I have drunk little water this morning.

22.Could you turn that music down a little, please?

23.He is not poor that has little, but he that desires much.

24.If I were rich, I would have invested in some little companies and foreign currency.

25.My little cousin Abraham has brought me a lot of presents from his hometown.

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