Sentences with Just, 22 Sentences about Just

Sentences with Just, 22 Sentences about Just

1.The phone just rang.

2.It just vanished.

3.The play has only just started.

4.I just picked it up.

5.Mr. George has just called you.

6.We have just completed the Web Project.

7.I slept just two hours.

8.She would have to come just at that moment.

9.She have just finished her homework.

10.Just tell me why you’re really here.

11.Why don’t you just tell Alex?

12.Can I talk to you for just a second?

13.I’m just a concerned citizen.

14.I’m sure it’s just temporary.

15.Samuel’s truck just pulled up outside.

16.Why don’t you just stay put for now?

17.Frank just doesn’t want to get married.

18.I just don’t understand you anymore.

19.I bought two more just like that one.

20.I thought you just came from Texas.

21.I’m going to tell you this just once.

22.My dog looks very thirsty. But it can’t be thirsty because it just drank a bowl of water.

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