Sentences with Irregular Verbs, 33 Sentences about Irregular Verbs

Sentences with Irregular Verbs, 33 Sentences about Irregular Verbs

1.The girl beat on the window yesterday.

2.The rioters beat her badly.

3.Children like to beat drums.

4.The children began to laugh.

5.We don’t know where to begin.

6.I began playing golf years ago.

7.It will begin snowing before long.

8.How soon does the show begin?

9.Her mother beat them both.

10.They haven’t beaten us yet.

11.As this insufficient status becomes obvious, new words derive from any sources. has become much more dangerous than before.

13.Please, cut the potatoes.

14.Samuel cut himself shaving.

15.I’m cutting my trip short.

16.He cut off two meters of the rope.

17.Mother cut the cheese with a knife.

18.When you cut in on our conversation, we were talking.

19.All my grades rose and my father was very happy with that.

20.Bitcoin had risen a lot until I invested in it. So I will not have any gains.

21.If I cut across the field, it’ll save time.

22.I have to go back.

23.There are two engines. One of them cut out yesterday.

24.Draw a line from A to B.

25.Can you draw me a map of your street?

26.I like to draw pictures.

27.I must draw up three papers in as many days.

28.I would like to draw.

29.Though nobody can go back and make a new beginning.

30.I have to go back.

31.Are you ready to go?

32.“I don’t believe it,” my sister went on.

33.He has never gone on a date with her.

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