Sentences with Here, 24 Sentences about Here

Sentences with Here, 24 Sentences about Here

1.You can sleep here if you want.

2.I used to come here.

3.We used to live here.

4.Do you live near here?

5.I used to play here.

6.He has lived here since 1993.

7.I’m glad that you’re here.

8.Here are your friends.

9.You have worked here since you left your school.

10.I’ve been hiding out here.

11.Pull the car you parked from here.

12.I can’t stay here forever.

13.I no longer live here.

14.Don’t come here, please.

15.You seem pretty busy here.

16.My apartment is near here.

17.We both know why I’m here.

18.Does Alex know you’re here?

19.What are these doing here?

20.Samuel hasn’t been here long.

21.I need a little help here.

22.I must leave because I have been here for a long time and I have work to do.

23.I’m not here to buy shoes.

24.If the teacher were here, she would have turned on the heater this morning.

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