Sentences with Gerunds, 22 Sentences about Gerunds

Sentences with Gerunds, 22 Sentences about Gerunds

1.I was afraid of hurting her feelings.

2.I can’t stand Tom’s speaking German.

3.Swimming is my favorite sport.

4.Eating bread is bad for people health.

5.The old gardener has not finished cutting grass for 2 days.

6.I should give up fast food and consuming sweet.

7.George likes photographing nature.

8.Mary was upset at having been passed over for the job.

9.These are used for cracking walnuts.

10.His big fear is driving on the main roads.

11.We started working on this yesterday.

12.She practices playing those drums all the time.

13.Watching games does not burn calories.

14.They love eating fish.

15.Robert must not go climbing alone.

16.Let’s go snowboarding this holiday.

17.You appreciate they keeping silent.

18.Ella will quit smoking cigarette in a week, you believe that.

19.I need to remember calling her coach three day ago.

20.Do you recall reading to this article when they were family?

21.You can easily recommend listening that daily motion channel about horses.

22.You reported cheating anyone in film whenever you saw it.

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