Sentences with Few, 21 Sentences about Few

Sentences with Few, 21 Sentences about Few

1.The rain stopped a few minutes ago.

2.He always comes to after a few minutes. Don’t worry.

3.I bought a few stamps.

4.I might be a few minutes late.

5.There are so few people in the class, so one can talk to each other.

6.There are so few cars in the parking lot.

7.I will have bought a yacht in a few years’ time.

8.Emily has not been feeling well for a few days, she thinks that she has COVID.

9.There are a few expensive new table in the room.

10.It was not eating a strawberry a few minutes ago.

11.I have got few friends in the city so I am lonely.

12.They have got few cake on the table.

13.He has few photos on Instagram.

14.He has a few good friends so he is happy.

15.There are a few books on the shelf.

16.We stayed a few days in Paris and visited the Eiffel Tower.

17.He had not been studying for a few days.

18.Can I run a few ideas past you?

19.I saw Samuel just a few hours ago.

20.We may only have a few minutes.

21.Only a few people understood me.

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