Sentences with Enough, 21 Sentences about Enough

Sentences with Enough, 21 Sentences about Enough

1.Give a fool rope enough, and he will hang himself.

2.You’ve said enough.

3.I can’t thank you enough.

4.It’s enough for five days.

5.I’m not flexible enough to sit in the lotus position.

6.I’ve had enough, thank you.

7.He will not have received enough score by the summer.

8.I have had more than enough.

9.Jenny will not have saved enough money yet.

10.Frank has not slept enough.

11.You’ve done enough already.

12.Elizabeth did not pass her exams because she had not studied enough to pass her exams.

13.There were not enough participants. Therefore, the trip was cancelled.

14.I have got a little money, it is enough to buy this book.

15.If I had studied hard enough, I would have passed the math exam.

16.If there had been enough people, we would have started the meeting.

17.They don’t have enough time. They can either have breakfast or have a shower.

18.Seth had learned Russian before he moved to Moscow but his knowledge was not enough.

19.He didn’t get a passing grade because he didn’t work hard enough.

20.The world is full enough of hurts and mischances without wars to multiply them.

21.The reason it does not do its job is that enough software is already in progress.

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