Sentences with Articles, 32 Sentences about Articles

Sentences with Articles, 32 Sentences about Articles

1.I saw an accident of a car.

2.That is an excellent pencil.

3.Alex is training to be an engineer.

4.I need a kilogram of salt.

5.The movie is perfect.

6.I was born in the west.

7.Excuse me, where is the your home?

8.I saw an accident of a car.

9.We are living in an apartment.

10.She asks an easy question.

11.I am an English teacher.

12.This is a beautiful house.

13.I’m eating an apple.

14.She didn’t read a book.

15.She will have been studying when you will be in the exam.

16.Will we have been working in the company for two years?

17.Will have you been working in this company for five years by the end of this year?

18.By the end of this week, will I have been living with his for five months?

19.He will not have been reading a newspaper tomorrow.

20.I will not have been going to America for a holiday next week.

21.Had he been reading a book?

22.Had they been playing football for a month?

23.Had she been waiting for me in the lobby?

24.It had been raining for hours and the streets were very wet.

25.He has been singing for an hour now.

26.Frank has been being late for an exam recently.

27.She has been singing a song.

28.The athlete has been running for a trophy.

29.Which book has Abraham reading for a while?

30.You look very tired. Have you been working for a long time?

31.By next summer, we will have built the bridge.

32.Alice will have returned home when the party is over.

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