5 Regular Verbs Sentences Examples, Regular Verbs Examples Sentences

5 Regular Verbs Sentences Examples, Regular Verbs Examples Sentences

Infinitive Past Participle
Accept Accepted Accepted
Act Acted Acted
Achieve Achieved Achieved
Admire Admired Admired
Advise Advised Advised
Affect Affected Affected
Agree Agreed Agreed
Amaze Amazed Amazed
Amuse Amused Amused
Answer Answered Answered
Appear Appeared Appeared
Arrange Arranged Arranged
Arrive Arrived Arrived
Ask Asked Asked
Attack Attacked Attacked
Bake Baked Baked
Behave Behaved Behaved
Believe Believed Believed
Belong Belonged Belonged
Blame Blamed Blamed
Borrow Borrowed Borrowed
Bother Bothered Bothered
Call Called Called
Cancel Canceled Canceled
Carry Carried Carried
Cause Caused Caused
Celebrate Celebrated Celebrated
Clean Cleaned Cleaned
Clear Cleared Cleared
Climb Climbed Climbed
Destroy Destroyed Destroyed
Dicrease Dicreased Dicreased
Die Died Died
Disagree Disagreed Disagreed
Discover Discovered Discovered
Discuss Discussed Discussed
Disturb Disturbed Disturbed
Dress Dressed Dressed
Dry Dried Dried
Eliminate Eliminated Eliminated
End Ended Ended
Enjoy Enjoyed Enjoyed
Entertain Entertained Entertained
Excuse Excused Excused
Exercise Exercised Exercised
Exhibit Exhibited Exhibited
Expect Expected Expected
Express Expressed Expressed
Film Filmed Filmed
Fill Filled Filled
Fish Fished Fished
Fix Fixed Fixed
Follow Followed Followed
Freeze Freezed Freezed
Fry Fried Fried
Greet Greeted Greeted
Guess Guessed Guessed
Hail Hailed Hailed
Handle Handled Handled
Happen Happened Happened
Hate Hated Hated
Help Helped Helped
Hope Hoped Hoped
Hunt Hunted Hunted
Identify Identified Identified
Ignore Ignored Ignored
Imagine Imagined Imagined
Impress Impressed Impressed
Improve Improved Improved
Include Included Included
Increase Increased Increased
Interview Interviewed Interviewed
Introduce Introduced Introduced
Invite Invited Invited
Jog Jogged Jogged
Join Joined Joined
Jump Jumped Jumped
Knock Knocked Knocked
Label Labeled Labeled
Land Landed Landed
Last Lasted Lasted
Learn Learned Learned
Like Liked Liked
Link Linked Linked
List Listed Listed
Listen Listened Listened
Live Lived Lived
Locate Located Located
Look Looked Looked
Love Loved Loved
Manage Managed Managed
Mark Marked Marked
Match Matched Matched
Measure Measured Measured
Mention Mentioned Mentioned
Miss Missed Missed
Move Moved Moved
Name Named Named
Need Needed Needed
Note Noted Noted
Notice Noticed Noticed
Number Numbered Numbered
Offer Offered Offered
Open Opened Opened
Order Ordered Ordered
Organize Organized Organized
Pack Packed Packed
Paint Painted Painted
Pamper Pampered Pampered
Pardon Pardoned Pardoned
Park Parked Parked
Participate Participated Participated
Pass Passed Passed
Perform Performed Performed
Persuade Persuaded Persuaded
Pick Picked Picked
Plan Planned Planned
Play Played Played
Please Pleased Pleased
Practice Practiced Practiced
Predict Predicted Predicted
Prefer Preferred Preferred
Present Presented Presented
Program Programmed Programmed
Protect Protected Protected
Provide Provided Provided
Purchase Purchased Purchased
Push Pushed Pushed
Rain Rain Rain
Receive Received Received
Recommend Recommended Recommended
Relate Related Related
Relax Relaxed Relaxed
Release Released Released
Remember Remembered Remembered
Repair Repaired Repaired
Repeat Repeated Repeated
Resist Resisted Resisted
Rest Rested Rested
Return Returned Returned
Review Reviewed Reviewed
Sail Sailed Sailed
Save Saved Saved
Scan Scanned Scanned
Scare Scared Scared
Share Shared Shared
Shop Shopped Shopped
Shout Shouted Shouted
Skate Skated Skated
Ski Skied Skied
Slow Slowed Slowed
Sneeze Sneezed Sneezed
Snow Snowed Snowed
Solve Solved Solved
Spell Spelled Spelled
Start Started Started
Step Stepped Stepped
Stop Stopped Stopped
Stress Stressed Stressed
Study Studied Studied
Substitute Substituted Substituted
Suggest Suggested Suggested

1.Please accept my best thanks.

2.Everyone in the school was struggling to achieve success.

3.Your attendance will affect your final grade.

4.If I have enough strawberries, I will bake a strawberry cake for you.

5.If you agree to carry the calf, they’ll make you carry the cow.

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