Per in a Sentence, Sentences of Per in English

Per in a Sentence, Sentences of Per in English

1.The bus was going 300 miles per hour.

2.It reaches a height of 4 meters per hour.

3.How much is it per box?

4.How many bottles do you fill per hour?

5.I make 100 euros per day.

6.What is the rate per day?

7.How many races per hour?

8.How much are eggs per dozen?

9.She earns 30 dollars per day.

10.She was drinking 2 liters of water per day.

11.How much do you earn per week?

12.How much do you charge per hour?

13.Eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.

14.How much does he earn per month?

15.How much is the tour per person?

16.You must exceed 100 km per hour.

17.How much does he spend per month?

18.If you’re in the luckiest one per cent of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99 per cent.

19.How much is this tour per person?

20.I get paid 300,000 yen per month.

21.He smokes twenty cigarettes per day.

22.The car was moving at 400 miles per hour.

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