Many in a Sentence, Sentences of Many in English

Many in a Sentence, Sentences of Many in English

1.How many colors are there?

2.I don’t trust many people.

3.How many apples can I borrow?

4.Does she want many dresses?

5.How many cars in the gallery?

6.Mary has many cats.

7.I have many things to do.

8.How many people are there in the World?

9.There aren’t many women priests.

10.I don’t have many friend.

11.There are too many disadvantages in this business.

12.How many children do you have?

13.Are there many poor people in France?

14.How many of these glasses are there? I want to buy them all.

15.I knew that he had been riding the horse for many days.

16.The police had warned those people many times before.

17.Many workers are participating in sports.

18.I don’t have many winter clothes. I have to go shopping.

19.My son has many friends. He is very pleased to be in this school.

20.There were many people there.

21.There were too many spectators in the stadium. Isn’t that amazing.

22.Alex has many dogs.

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