Diligent in a Sentence, Sentences of Diligent in English

Diligent in a Sentence, Sentences of Diligent in English

1.You’re so diligent.

2.My father is so diligent.

3.Jessica is diligent in her studies.

4.I am no more diligent than Steve is.

5.I think, Michael is the most diligent student in class.

6.The most diligent employee in the workplace is Alex.

7.She is very diligent in swimming.

8.He was the most diligent farmer.

9.Jim is the most diligent boy in our class.

10.True literature can exist only where it is created, not by diligent and trustworthy functionaries, but by madmen, hermits, heretics, dreamers, rebels, and skeptics.

11.Try to avoid getting involved with somebody who’s gonna need killing before it’s over. It may seem to you that that narrows the field somewhat, but be diligent.

12.People with large book collections are almost always diligent learners.

13.Ordinary people who faithfully, diligently, and consistently do simple things that are right before God will bring forth extraordinary results.

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