Demise in a Sentence, Sentences of Demise in English

Demise in a Sentence, Sentences of Demise in English

1.When we replace a sense of service and gratitude with a sense of entitlement and expectation, we quickly see the demise of our relationships, society, and economy.

2.Boasting of wealth and virtue brings your demise.

3.Lust is a dangerous thing. It can make you believe things that are not real. It can seduce your mind and lead it blindfolded to the cliff that will be its demise.

4.Man dies constantly until the moment of his demise.

5.How would you rate your demise?

6.As deaths go, it would have been a kind one. There were worse ways to meet one’s demise than being buried alive in literature.

7.We have been careless with our pie repertoire. The demise of apple-pear pie with figs and saffron and orengeado pies are tragic losses.

8.I’m plotting my own demise,” she teased, keeping her eyes closed. “Because I know that falling for you will be the death of me.

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