Present Simple Tense Examples, 100 Present Simple Tense Sentences

Present Simple Tense Examples, 100 Present Simple Tense Sentences

1.I watch TV in the evenings.

2.She loves to have breakfast at home.

3.My father reads the newspaper in the morning.

4.Students come to school at 8 o’clock.

5.My mother prepares the meal at 6 o’clock.

6.On weekends, I go to play basketball with my brother.

7.Water boils at 100 degrees.

8.The highest peak in the world is Everest.

9.Make it simple.

10.It makes me very happy.

11.Practice makes perfect.

12.He comes here every week.

13.When does class begin tomorrow?

14.How often does it rain in Madrid?

15.What makes you so sure?

16.You must make a choice.

17.Take care of yourself.

18.My son goes to school on foot.

19.I love playing chess with my father.

20.Don’t take it lightly.

21.I need a new home.

22.I want to use a computer.

23.Cats hate water.

24.Scientific articles are written in the company.

25.He doesn’t teach math.

26.The train leaves at 10:30 in the morning.

27.She always forgets her purse.

28.The trees here are very tall.

29.The train leaves the station at 18 p.m. tomorrow.

30.I love reading scientific articles.

31.We go to play football on the weekend.

32.I wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning.

33.I don’t leave the house without having breakfast.

34.I usually have fried chicken for lunch.

35.You don’t need me anymore.

36.I don’t like spinach.

37.There are 5 cars in the parking lot.

38.I like geography and science.

39.Every Tuesday there is a math lesson at school.

40.We walk slowly.

41.Fish is an aquatic animal.

42.Villagers do not like to talk much.

43.A chemist sells medicines.

44.She is always hungry.

45.I have breakfast at half past seven.

46.Please correct that.

47.The pictures in the exhibition are wonderful.

48.My son plays chess well.

49.Johnny and Angel have fun together.

50.Brad plays video games every day.

51.The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

52.Alex always solves his problem.

53.What time do you wake up in the morning?

54.What do you eat for lunch?

55.Do you play football on the weekends?

56.Do you like going to the cinema?

57.The new game is really good.

58.I often go to bed at midnight.

59.Apples are grown in summer.

60.I usually listen to music in my room.

61.Swimming is one of the best sports.

62.The trees are really beautiful.

63.She has black hair.

64.I usually have breakfast at 7:30.

65.They go to school by bus.

66.They can dance.

67.It loves drinking milk.

68.Samual enjoys playing with a ball.

69.Julie talks very fast.

70.He studies after school.

71.The children like play toys.

72.We listen to music every evening.

73.We generally sing songs all together.

74.You read a lot of books.

75.It rains in this forest every summer.

76.We walk slowly.

77.You do not borrow money from me.

78.George does not go to the gym every day.

79.Ice melts at 0°C.

80.I do not buy my vegetables from the market.

81.Sarah and Alex do not love each other anymore.

82.Do you know how to play the guitar?

83.I love playing the piano.

84.I play the guitar for 1 hour in the evening.

85.We drink tea after dinner.

86.My mother knows how to make cakes very well.

87.My father calls me on the phone every day.

88.The women buy a lot of things.

89.I don’t usually buy chocolate from the grocery store.

90.Cars pass fast on this street.

91.A lot of snow falls on these mountains in winter.

92.These roads are very dangerous.

93.You shouldn’t drive fast.

94.You shouldn’t eat too much chocolate.

95.I think you need to go to the dentist.

96.Alex plays soccer on Saturdays.

97.With my sister, I walk for one hundred meters every morning.

98.I love you my dear.

99.I play football.

100.I like black shoes.

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