10 Sentences of Adverbs, Adverbs Examples Sentences

10 Sentences of Adverbs, Adverbs Examples Sentences

1.He always thought of his friends and didn’t care if he was upset.

2.My mom got angry because she was constantly looking at her phone and took the phone from her hand.

3. Often, he preferred to spend time at home and rest.

4.His hands were sore from washing his hands frequently.

5.Since the tournament was approaching, he started to do sports actively.

6.After the owner took off his dog’s leash, he began to aggressively attack other dogs.

7.Customers left the cafe as the waiter awkwardly took orders from customers.

8.The firefighter boldly entered the flames and rescued the old woman.

9.Maya looked around but she couldn’t notice her phone was right in front of her.

10.I literally searched everywhere that mankind knows.


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