Sentences with Writing, 20 Sentences about Writing

Sentences with Writing, 20 Sentences about Writing

1.Please start writing.

2.Put that in writing.

3.What’re you writing?

4.Alex continued writing.

5.Are you writing a letter?

6.I need some writing paper.

7.Samuel is writing a novel now.

8.I didn’t see anyone writing.

9.I’m now busy writing a book.

10.I was writing when he came home yesterday.

11.I am reading a book while my son is writing.

12.I finished writing the report.

13.I’m thinking of writing a book.

14.I’m writing a letter to Samuel now.

15.Jessica is constantly writing letters.

16.I need to finish writing my speech.

17.Do you spend much time writing email?

18.Samuel is at his desk writing something.

19.I should probably be writing this down.

20.I’m not yet used to writing business letters.

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