Sentences with Ticket, Sentences about Ticket in English

Sentences with Ticket, Sentences about Ticket in English

1. Can I cancel this ticket?

2. Didn’t you get the tickets?

3. Didn’t you get the tickets?

4. Did you buy a round trip ticket?

5. I need a plane ticket for tomorrow.

6. A ticket to Paris should cost a lot.

7. You can buy tickets from the dealers.

8. Samuel asked how much the ticket cost.

9. Hold on to the ticket. We will need it later.

10. We need to buy a round trip train ticket to Paris.

11. Be your own hero, it’s cheaper than a movie ticket.

12. Boy band sold a lot of tickets for his new concert.

13. A real patriot is the fellow who gets a parking ticket and rejoices that the system works.

14. I’ve seen the ticket, and I still can’t believe it. When I see the money, I hope I don’t hit the floor.

15. You must have a passport to go abroad. Will Julia have had her passport by the time we get the plane ticket?

16. My aunt had a season ticket for the Friday afternoon concerts, and I would go down for lessons. My lessons were Saturday morning.

17. I just wanted to see every single musical I could. The very first one I saw was ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ the only one I could get tickets for, and then ‘Les Miserables’ and then ‘Chicago.’

18. I’d visit the near future, close enough that someone might want to talk to Larry Niven and can figure out the language distant enough to get me decent medical techniques and a ticket to the Moon.

19. When I was growing up in New Jersey, my mom would regularly take my sister and I into the city to see shows. I have many fond memories of standing in the half-price ticket line in Times Square and going to matinees.

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