Sentences with That, 29 Sentences about That

Sentences with That, 29 Sentences about That

1.You should quit that job now.

2.That man does not the same thing every day.

3.That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

4.That man is not the person you are looking for.

5.That isn’t the way to London.

6.I never forgot that.

7.They shouldn’t use that horrible idea.

8.Don’t you miss that?

9.We guess that’s true.

10.Do you know? How is that helpful?

11.So you read Tolstoy’s book, I read that book too, but I couldn’t finish it.

12.Is that kid looking at me?

13.Can you look at that phone, I have a lot of work.

14.That post looks like yours, I’m sure you sent this letter to me.

15.Let me come, I will go like that.

16.I will take an umbrella in the event that it snows.

17.I  will wait at home all day long  in the event that you call me.

18.He always take a small bottle of water in the event that he should get thirsty.

19.I suppose that’s OK.

20.Could you do that, Samuel?

21.Did you get that pen?

22.Do you know who ate that apple?

23.I need that paper.

24.That student is the hardest working student in the school.

25.I love that desk and want to buy it.

26.What kind of book that is was very gripping?

27.Did you break that plate?

28.I’m going abroad that week, please email me if anything happens.

29.You can still drink that tea hot.

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