Sentences with Sudden, Sentences about Sudden in English

Sentences with Sudden, Sentences about Sudden in English

1. He suddenly smiled.

2. He suddenly frowned.

3. Alex suddenly braked.

4. Alex stood up suddenly.

5. He had a sudden dilemma.

6. George suddenly stopped.

7. He suddenly slowed down.

8. I’ve suddenly lost weight.

9. I suddenly feel depressed.

10. I’ve suddenly lost weight.

11. Our train stopped suddenly.

12. Clary felt suddenly annoyed.

13. Please don’t brake suddenly.

14. Suddenly, they heard gunfire.

15. He passed away quite suddenly.

16. Hasty climbers have sudden falls.

17. My mother suddenly onset singing.

18. Mary suddenly lost consciousness.

19. The dog suddenly started barking.

20. The horse suddenly bows its neck.

21. Suddenly, 50 workers were laid off.

22. Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.

23. My mother suddenly started singing.

24. The boy fell suddenly while running.

25. Samuel changed his attitude suddenly.

26. As she stood still, she suddenly bit.

27. I’ve suddenly started to gain weight.

28. The atmosphere suddenly became quiet.

29. I suddenly thought of my dead mother.

30. The cat suddenly sprang onto the tree.

31. Steve suddenly appeared as if by magic.

32. She suddenly came to me and said I love you.

33. The enemy forces suddenly came under attack.

34. The widow suddenly stood up and ran to her car.

35. The woman suddenly screamed and asked for help.

36. Suddenly, an idea just flashed through my mind.

37. She said I hate you and suddenly left the house.

38. The donkey in the garden suddenly began to bray.

39. As he was studying, the door was suddenly flung open.

40. When he saw the dog, he suddenly started to run away.

41. While walking on the beach, a breeze suddenly started.

42. And surely not because death seems suddenly appealing.

43. The boy said he was hungry and suddenly started to cry.

44. The man got on the boat and suddenly began to walk away.

45. She was very thirsty and suddenly started drinking water.

46. He suddenly got up and said I promise you I will find the money.

47. The child, who cried because his mother was gone, laughed suddenly.

48. Suddenly, two cars collided and they were thrown onto the roadside.

49. The audience fell silent when the conductor walked on stage suddenly.

50. She suddenly went out of the dorm’s room to cry and smoke the cigarette.

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