Sentences with Restaurant, Sentences about Restaurant in English

Sentences with Restaurant, Sentences about Restaurant in English

1. She tipped the restaurant.

2. Shall we go to the restaurant?

3. He has entered in a restaurant.

4. He has eaten food at my restaurant.

5. People are eating in the restaurant.

6. I got my salary and went to the restaurant.

7. They serve delicious food at that restaurant.

8. All the food in this restaurant is delicious.

9. This restaurant has diverse menus for Chinese food.

10. This restaurant is the most delicious one in the whole city.

11. Your brother wanted directions to a good Chinese restaurant.

12. I want to take Mary to a restaurant where hamburgers are very famous.

13. The brand-new Korean restaurant is beautifully and cultivated decorated.

14. I had not going to the different restaurant until it was closed forever.

15. This night we have an appointment at a big restaurant for a corporate meeting.

16. Today I can cook a perfect meal, or we can go and have a romantic dinner in a luxury restaurant.

17. I live very normally, I go out with my friends, we go to the movies, I queue, we go to restaurants.

18. My mother worked in factories, worked as a domestic, worked in a restaurant, always had a second job.

19. Back then there were only four other restaurants in our tiny town that could accommodate that many people.

20. My mom would take me to restaurants, and the first thing I’d ask for would be a pen and a napkin, and I’d sketch shoes and shoes and shoes.

21. Weird people follow you in the streets, you can’t sit alone in a restaurant or a cafe and read a book in peace, and I think everybody values those moments of being alone.

22. My mom, who’s been in the restaurant business for 40 years, is the number-one influence in my life. But I look up to a lot of people in the industry. Tops on my list is Mario Batali. My mom and Mario taught me the same lesson: Food is love.

23. My restaurants are never opened on Thanksgiving I want my staff to spend time with their family if they can. My feeling is, if I can’t figure out how to make money the rest of the year so that my workers can enjoy the holidays, then I don’t deserve to be an owner.

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