Sentences with Relative Pronouns, 22 Sentences about Relative Pronouns

Sentences with Relative Pronouns , 22 Sentences about Relative Pronouns

1.The musician who wrote this song is French.

2.I know the boy whom sits next to you.

3.This is the cake which Mary made.

4.Do you know the reason why the market is closed today?

5.The day when the concert takes place is Saturday.

6.This is the house where my son was born.

7.The boy whose phone just rang should stand up.

8.12th September is the date that I was born.

9.The woman who is with the red dress asking me the address was very beautiful.

10.My teacher, who came to Spain in 2001, likes to ride her mountain bike.

11.I think the people who that live on the island are very friendly.

12.My brother, who lives in London, is a teacher.

13.My brother was born on a day when I was abroad.

14.Do you know why he treated you badly?

15.They caught the women who spied for North Korea.

16.They visited the street where they lived there.

17.I don’t know the reason why she doesn’t like ice cream.

18.Valentine’s Day is day when people are happy.

19.I lost my wallet which my mother gave me.

20.She is the woman whose sister lives in London.

21.Michael, whom lives in Texas, is an engineer.

22.Austin was the place that I graduate from university.

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