Sentences with Recently, Sentences about Recently in English

Sentences with Recently, Sentences about Recently in English

1. Alex passed away recently.

2. Samuel passed away recently.

3. I haven’t seen Mary recently.

4. Alex has lost weight recently.

5. John set up a company recently.

6. Steve has lost weight recently.

7. I have been to Madrid recently.

8. We don’t meet very often recently.

9. Jessica hasn’t been very well recently.

10. I’ve been training at the gym recently.

11. Have you checked the oil level recently?

12. Frank has been being late for an exam recently.

13. I’m not very good at basketball. I only took it up recently.

14. Recently announced data are undoubtedly extremely inaccurate.

15. The technology used to detect if vehicles are carrying radioactive material is so sensitive it can tell if a person recently received radiation as part of a medical procedure.

16. I have been recently diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome, an autoimmune disease which is an ongoing medical condition that affects my energy level and causes fatigue and joint pain.

17. Cancer has been unfortunately in my life. My mom’s best friend is kicking ass in her battle with breast cancer. Both of my grandmas had cancer. I recently lost a friend to cancer.

18. Just recently I was in Target with my mom shopping, and out of the blue, I see this father and his two daughters and he says, ‘Can they get a picture with you?’ And I’m thinking to myself, ‘Am I the one millionth customer or something?’

19. Some of the best times I’ve spent in Colorado have been in the backcountry with my mom and siblings, and more recently, with my own kids. That is why I’m concerned to see today’s kids spending more time browsing the Internet than exploring nature.

20. I think it’s best if there’s an amendment that goes on the ballot where the people can weigh in. Every time this issue has gone on the ballot, the people have voted to retain the traditional definition of marriage as recently as California in 2008.

21. I have come to understand and appreciate writers much more recently since I started working on a book last fall. Before that, I thought golf writers got up every morning, played a round of golf, had lunch, showed up for our last three holes and then went to dinner.

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