Sentences with Punctuation Marks, 100 Sentences about Punctuation Marks

Sentences with Punctuation Marks, 100 Sentences about Punctuation Marks

1.When will you visit your moms?

2.How did you get this far on foot? Congratulations!

3.Where do you live?

4.I got up late today too, but I’ll surely still get all the work done.

5.Where shall we go?

6.Why haven’t you started studying?

7.When did you finish your school?

8.Look! That phone is mine. You can’t look without permission.

9.Ancient, precious coins are exhibited in this museum.

10.What a delicious taste of this apple.

11.I have got a little money, it is enough to buy this book.

12.Where in the world did I leave my phone?

13.Who do you love, you can tell us?

14.Whose book did you bring me?

15.George is very clever but he doesn’t study his lessons .

16.He didn’t want to go to school today, however he had a very important exam.

17.They can listen to music provided they disturb nobody.

18.He is such a smart boy that he passes his math exams successfully.

19.I could not go to school early because I studied lesson until last night.

20.It was a small animal like a Mouse.

21.She speaks three languages besides Spanish.

22.She not only dance extraordinary but also sing perfectly.

23.In order to play the game, we must have two computers.

24.He is a fast driver.

25.When are the best days to go to the mall?

26.What kind of music do you want to dance to?

27.How many topics do you have to study?

28.Did we make a cake for you ?

29.What kind of music do you like?

30.Did you take your vitamin this morning?

31.What do you think about this subject?

32.How did it get so late so soon?

33.How many movies did you watch this month?

34.How far is it between the school and the house?

35.Should I call or email you?

36.Why are so scared of me?

37.Who fixed the computer?

38.How many times do you smoke?

39.Who knows the answers to these questions?

40.Whom did you see yesterday?

41.Why are you not interested?

42.I think you should eventually change your style.

43.Meanwhile, another problem arose with the nuclear power plant.

44.In particular, tourists should visit London and Manchester.

45.He asked me to marry him today, however, he also prepared a beautiful organization.

46.You can go to a good university if you work hard, for example Harvard.

47.You can make a party such as wedding anniversary.

48.I think apples are good. Likewise, i think oranges are good.

49.Despite she works hard, she doesn’t make much money.

50.In addition to French, she speaks Spanish.

51.I like play football. Further, I like play basketball.

52.They helped them in spite of the difficulties

53.Whereas we did all the job, they enjoyed themselves.

54.Although studying French seems difficult, it’s simpler than you think.

55.Mary didn’t like either Madrid or Texas.

56.When you said you’d be here, I was arguing with Ashley about this.

57.He had a good time with his family, even though he was very busy yesterday.

58.I met a homeless person in NY.

59.Officials shared some important news.

60.My dog has blue eyes and fluffy skin.

61.This night we have an appointment at a big restaurant for a corporate meeting.

62.A large car can not pass through a narrow road.

63.I bought a new and expensive car but it was very comfortable.

64.The man who is performing today is a well-known person.

65.There are so few people in the class, so one can talk to each other.

66.My mother is taller than my brother.

67.My sister is a strong girl.

68.There are some green apples on the plate.

69.They ate some delicious food.

70.Alex is an adorable baby.

71.The red balloon floated over the treetop.

72.Hairless cats look like rats.

73.Which dishes should be eaten every day?

74.Please give me some milk to make tea.

75.The cafe on the main street is a smoking-free  venue.

  1. Which gym bag is yours?

77.It’s 30 degrees Celsius.

78.We won’t go to the theater.

79.I won’t go to the cemetery.

80.We are going to eat.

81.I will stay at home at the weekend.

82.He will call me tomorrow.

83.We will play basketball.

84.Mark will fix my car.

85.I am going to cook tonight.

86.It won’t be very cold next week.

87.He will not drink tea.

88.Will it hurt?

89.I will make a tea.

90.They will win the game.

91.She won’t watch the football match.

92.I occasionally drink alcohol because I care about my health.

93.I seldom drink cola and soda.

94.I hardly ever smoke, I smoke only if I drink alcohol.

95.I never drink vodka, it tastes bad for me.

96.When will you go on this trip?

97.Where were you? I really waited for you!How much do I have to pay?

98.How much is this book? I want to pay the fee immediately.

99.How many of these glasses are there? I want to buy them all.

100.How can you complete these activities so quickly?You won’t be fired.

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