Sentences with Past Perfect, 34 Sentences about Past Perfect

Sentences with Past Perfect , 34 Sentences about Past Perfect

1.By the time we came, she had finished the project.

2.Chloe had not visited Paris until she moved there because of her job.

3.Cristiano Ronaldo had not scored against Sevilla before.

4.Did the students go home after they had visited the library?

5.Elizabeth did not pass her exams because she had not studied enough to pass her exams.

6.Had he lived in Florida?

7.Had he spoken English until he went to England?

8.Had Leonard and Rex finished all food before their trip was not finished?

9.Had Lilly gone to a Japanese course before she moved to Japan?

10.Had she done her homework?

11.Had the water boiled when you went to kitchen?

12.Had the woman cried till the morning?

13.Had they been married when I was born?

14.Had they gone out when you called?

15.Had they understood what happened?

16.Had you cleaned your office before they came?

17.He began to run after he had seen the cat.

18.He had gone when she became ill.

19.He had just escaped when the police came.

20.He had left when I went to the club.

21.He had lived in Florida for ten years before he moved to California.

22.He had not lived in Florida.

23.He had resigned before he was fired.

24.He had watered the flowers before she went shopping.

25.Until he went to England, he had never spoken English.

26.Until he went to England, he had not (hadn’t) spoken English.

27.We had believed you.

28.We had had the house for 20 years before the earthquake.

29.We had prepared their rooms before my family came.

30.We went shopping after we had finished work.

31.When she arrived, the bus had already left.

32.Why had he been so angry?

33.You had no idea about the girl when they asked.

34.You had not said that there is a problem before they said.

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