Sentences with Nevertheless, 30 Sentences about Nevertheless

Sentences with Nevertheless, 30 Sentences about Nevertheless

1.Some people disagree with this theory,  nevertheless, it’s never been proven right.

2.The weather was sunny;  nevertheless, we didn’t go outside.

3.Tom works a lot, but  nevertheless he hasn’t any money.

4.She is the best student in school.  Nevertheless, she doesn’t do homework on time.

5.My friends wanted to go outside.  Nevertheless, it is raining.

6.I really enjoyed that movie.  Nevertheless, I prefer the book.

7.She is tired;  nevertheless, She must finish her homework.

8.She is not our best worker.  Nevertheless, she tries very hard.

9.It’s raining very hard today.  Nevertheless, let’s go out and enjoy ourselves!

10.He was feeling very ill. Nevertheless, he went to work.

11.It’s raining outside. Nevertheless, I am going to do some gardening.

12.He denies, nevertheless, that the project has been cancelled.

13.The story, nevertheless, isn’t always that simple.

14.It’s just four in the morning, but nevertheless it is light out.

15.Nevertheless, the topic is worth discussing.

16.Nevertheless, I’m extremely proud.

17.He was feeling very ill. Nevertheless, he went to work.

18.She loves to play football, nevertheless her troubles do not allow it.

19.I am very hungry, nevertheless the fridge is empty.

20.Mary is a very pretty girl, nevertheless she needs to do some more maintenance.

21.He’s rich, nevertheless he’s not happy.

22.I may be old, nevertheless I’m not crazy.

23.I was tired, nevertheless I couldn’t sleep.

24.I can see Alex, nevertheless he can’t see me.

25.Horses are generally considered to be pleasant animals, nevertheless lizards are generally hated.

26.John treats all his students with mercy, nevertheless other teachers behave very harshly.

27.Alex works a lot, but nevertheless he hasn’t any money.

28.They are very powerful. Nevertheless, we beat them.

29.I have a good friend. Nevertheless she is deaf.

30.Nevertheless you need to, just be there in time.

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